Pasture, Rangeland & Forage (PRF) is an insurance product designed to protect farmers and ranchers against the loss of forage (perennial hay or pasture) due to the lack of rainfall.

When a loss occurs feed costs are increased and hay quantities are reduced. A sound risk reduction strategy prevents and mitigates the resulting financial burdens.

If less than 90% (or whichever amount you choose) of the average amount of precipitation falls in a selected interval (2 months) a payment is triggered. The less it rains the higher the payment. A minimum of 2 intervals must be selected.

Stonebraker McQuary Risk Advisors specializing in Agribusiness determine which grid(s) your property is in, review historical data in the grid and guide you to determine the optimal interval selection and number of acres to be insured based on your budget and total cost of risk assessment. Not all acres have to be insured.

Our product expertise, unique assessment process and experience with agriculture and livestock operations result in our clients utilizing this product to its fullest potential.


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"Casey took the time to understand and learn how my operation could utilize this tool. PRF should become part of your annual Risk Management discussion or plan. I feel that it is a way for a cattle producer to have the ability to assess the risk of drought and lack feed for the first time, and be able to try to protect their selves against it. He was very knowledgeable and provided several scenarios for me to look at and review before I made my decision. It was almost too easy."